170 Years Old and Still Going Strong

Heritage on the Marina possesses a rich and storied history, arising from one of the most significant events to shape the West: The Gold Rush of 1849. The temptation of seemingly spontaneous riches enticed a record shattering number of voyagers to traverse land and sea toward California. Refusing to miss out on this life changing opportunity, women increasingly joined the entrepreneurial expedition alongside their male counterparts.

It was not all smooth sailing with the high mortality rates of disease ravaging these travelers. Upon arrival on the West Coast, many women found themselves widowed; those lucky enough to have survived the passage were often abandoned and left destitute as the men traveled deep into the mountains in search of riches.

To address this widespread need, one of California’s first philanthropic organizations was founded in 1853; The Ladies’ Protection and Relief Society was established with the mission of providing boarding and support for the disenfranchised women and children of San Francisco. This foundation of community support was the start of Heritage on the Marina’s legacy of service, now on its 170th year.

Decades after the construction of the organization’s first home not far from San Francisco’s Civic Center in 1863, prolific architect Julia Morgan was commissioned to design a new facility, expertly crafting a vision of Gothic splendor, Heritage on the Marina.

In 1904 Morgan was the first woman to obtain an architecture license in California, exhibiting the same pioneering motifs representative of The Gold Rush women. Eighteen years after this achievement, she designed Heritage on the Marina to extend the organization’s reach of service. Today, the Ladies’ Protection and Relief Society of San Francisco continues to evolve.

The campus of Heritage on the Marina is following suit, incorporating state-of-the-art technology, pristine amenity spaces, and contemporary apartments to its distinguished property. While preserving the historical integrity of the Julia Morgan building, these new refinements will equip the community with modern resources to provide a premium level of care for seniors in the years to come.

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