7 Activities for Seniors With Limited Mobility

Statistics show that roughly one in five seniors are living with limited mobility. Also known as mobility impairment, it can affect their quality of life. With limited mobility, seniors may struggle to perform otherwise common physical activities that they once enjoyed. Fortunately, there are still plenty of activities for seniors with limited mobility.

#1) Read eBooks

Reading eBooks is a fun activity that all seniors can enjoy, including those with limited mobility. All it takes is an eBook reading device or a traditional tablet computer or smartphone. You can download some of the senior’s favorite books — or new books — on his or her device. Once downloaded, he or she will be able to read them. Of course, seniors with limited mobility can read paper-print books as well. eBooks simply offer a more convenient form of entertainment since they can pack hundreds or even thousands of books into a single device.

#2) Listen to Podcasts

In addition to reading eBooks, seniors with limited mobility can listen to podcasts. According to one report, nearly 20 percent of seniors currently listen to podcasts. There are podcasts available for just about any topic or subject of interest. Maybe the senior enjoys gardening, or perhaps the senior enjoys bird-watching. Regardless, there’s probably a podcast for it. You can download podcasts such as these onto the senior’s smartphone or tablet.

Listening to podcasts is also a great alternative to reading for seniors who are visually impaired. Seniors with are visually impaired may struggle to read. Listening to podcasts, fortunately, doesn’t require excellent visions. Seniors who are visually impaired can sit back and enjoy listening to podcasts.

#3) Crafts

Seniors with limited mobility can participate in crafts. Scrapbooking, for example, is an enjoyable activity that allows seniors to express their creativity. Seniors can craft together pictures, drawings, letters and other items into a scrapbook. Many seniors also enjoy painting. Using some brushes and paint, they can create paintings. These are a just of many crafts that seniors with limited ability can perform. When it comes to arts and crafts, the possibilities are endless.

#4) Yoga

Even with limited mobility, seniors can perform yoga. Yoga is a relaxing activity that requires minimal body strength. It combines both mental and physical practices into a single activity, which revolves around poses.

There are even special yoga poses that don’t involve standing. Known as seated poses, they involve body stretches while in a seated position. Seniors with limited mobility may struggle to stand for long periods, in which case they probably won’t be able to perform standing yoga poses. Seated yoga poses offer a solution. Seniors with limited mobility can perform seated yoga poses from the comfort of a chair.

Aside from being fun, yoga offers other benefits for seniors, including the following:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved heart health
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Improved flexibility
  • Less joint pain
  • Social interaction (when performed in a group-based session)

#5) Board Games

Board games offer a fun way for seniors to past the time. Chess and checkers, of course, are two classic board games that most seniors know how to play. In a senor living community, seniors with limited mobility can play chess or checkers. Of course, there are hundreds of other board games out there. While chess and checkers are popular, seniors can explore other board games with which to past the time. Like with arts and crafts, the possibility for board games are endless. And with so many classic and modern board games available, they offer a fun activity for seniors.

#6) Card-Making

Another fun activity for seniors with limited mobility is card-making. Card-making involves cutting and crafting cards for special occasions. Whether it’s a for a birthday, a graduation or simply a “Best Wishes,” seniors can make cards for any special occasion.

Card-making can be performed either entirely by hand or with the assistance of a computer. There are computer programs available that offer templates for creating cards. You can show the senior how to use one of these programs so that he or she can make cards for special occasions. Regardless, card-making is an activity that many seniors with limited mobility enjoy.

#7) Bird-Watching

Many seniors enjoy bird-watching as well. As you may know, Florida is home to a wide variety of birds. There are over 500 species of birds, in fact, that are native to the Sunshine State. Bird-watching is a relaxing activity that involves observing, as well as identifying, birds.

Spotting a rare bird species in its native habit can be exciting, and trying to identify an unknown bird species can be equally as exciting. As a result, bird-watching is a fun activity that all seniors can perform. According to one study, bird-watching also increases the life satisfaction of seniors. Many seniors enjoy bird-watching, so it naturally increases their life satisfaction.

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