7 Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Do you have a parent or loved one who’s thinking about moving into a senior living community? If so, they might be wondering what, if any, benefits it offers. Making the transition from a traditional residence into a senior living community is undoubtedly a big decision. Seniors must prepare all their belongings, sell their old residence and acclimate themselves to the new community. With that said, senior living communities offer some amazing benefits, including the following.

#1) Socialization

A senior living community allows seniors to socialize while making new friends in the process. They offer regularly scheduled games and activities in which all members of the community can participate. At the same time, seniors can converse with other members of the community, resulting in the formation of long-lasting friendships.

Aside from being fun, studies show that seniors who are socially active are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline than their counterparts who are largely isolated with little or no social interaction. Socializing isn’t always easy for seniors, but living a senior community simplifies the process by bringing like-minded seniors together in a socially active environment.

#2) Tax Breaks

Seniors may be eligible for tax breaks when living in a senior community. If a senior requires assisted-living services, for instance, he or she can typically deduct some of the associated costs from their taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) specifically states that seniors can deduct “qualifying medical expenses” from their federal taxes if they account for no more than 7.5% of their adjusted gross income (AGI).

Of course, seniors may qualify for other tax deductions as well. Therefore, seniors should consult with a tax professional before moving into a senior community. Only a qualified tax professional can help a senior maximize his or her deductions.

#3) No Home or Lawn Maintenance

Seniors don’t have to worry about maintaining their home or lawn when living in a senior community. Home and lawn maintenance isn’t just time-consuming; it’s laborious. Unfortunately, many seniors have trouble performing otherwise routine forms of maintenance — at least not without placing themselves at risk for injury.

The good news is that senior living communities take care of all home and lawn maintenance on behalf of their respective members. After moving into a senior community, seniors can relax without having to maintain their home or lawn.

#4) Exercise and Fitness Activities

Senior living communities offer exercise and fitness activities. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), only one in three seniors get the recommended amount of exercise. While regular exercise is important for everyone, it’s particularly important for seniors because it promotes strong bones and muscles. In a senior living community, seniors can participate in regularly scheduled exercise and fitness activities, which can improve both their physical and mental health.

Seniors can even participate in yoga and balance classes when living in a senior community. Yoga is a relaxing activity that’s been shown to improve posture and reduce stress. Balance classes offer similar benefits by emphasizing posture and balance.

#5) Group Outings to Popular Attractions

In addition to exercise and fitness activities, senior communities offer group outings to popular attractions. Here at Heritage on the Marina, for instance, some of our local outings include trips to the TCHO Chocolate Factory, the San Francisco Ballet Matinee, the Signmud Stern Grove Summer Music Festival, Lands End and more. Regardless, it’s a fun way to spend the day that all seniors are sure to appreciate.

#6) On-Site Amenities

There are on-site amenities at senior communities. At Heritage on the Marina, some of the amenities we offer to all community members include access to a fitness center, a private outdoor garden, a dining room, a lounge area, an art studio, a library and even a beauty salon.

When living in a traditional home or residence, seniors won’t be able to take advantage of these amenities. This is just one more reason why seniors should consider moving into a senior community.

#7) Professional and Timely Medical Care

Seniors will receive professional and timely medical care when living in a senior community. Senior communities are staffed with highly qualified nurses who can quickly provide medical services to seniors in need. These skilled nurses can prove both short-term and long-term medical care. If a senior sustains an injury, for instance, he or she can receive rehabilitation services from the community’s nurses. If a senior suffers from chronic limited mobility, on the other hand, he or she can receive long-term care.

Many seniors assume that living in a senior community offers few or no advantages over a home or traditional residence. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Senior communities offer a myriad of benefits, some of which include increased socialization, tax breaks, no home or lawn maintenance, exercise and fitness activities, group outings to local attractions, access to on-site amenities and professional medical care.


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