99 years old and new again

Julia Morgan, California’s first woman architect and the renowned designer of Heritage on the Marina brought her staff to the site during the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in 1915. In the early 1920’s she began the architectural design of Heritage on the Marina. Around that same time, Hearst Castle was commissioned by William Randolph Hearst to be designed by Morgan. A chronic workaholic, Morgan who lived just a mile and a half from Heritage on the Marina would work in her office by day and take the night train to San Simeon for morning meetings with Hearst. While very different in style, there are some details that link these two American architectural landmarks.

When it came time to update the interior this past year, great care was taken to maintain the architectural integrity, while providing a fresh, light color palette to create a more contemporary and inviting environment for residents and their guests. The many classic details such as the stained glass, Tudor roses and trefoils complement the new interior finishes.

The lounge, just off the entry, still enjoys large windows with sundrenched western and northern exposure. Morgan’s signature designed fireplace and the grand piano are uplifted by cream and neutral toned drapery, natural rugs, and off-white upholstery. This space not only provides a fresh introduction for visitors, but addition to living space for residents as well.

The hall and dining room now have sleek, ebony wood flooring contrasting with new recessed lighting. All these subtle enhancements are designed to fit with Julia Morgan’s traditional Tutor Gothic Revival architectural style, while providing interior design befitting the twenty-first century. The face lift adds to the richness and sophistication of one of the oldest non-profit organizations serving San Francisco.

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