Heritage on the Marina’s New Executive Chef

In December, we celebrated the promotion of Chef Sylvie Holdman from Sous Chef to Executive Chef of Heritage on the Marina. Cooking for our residents since 2020, she has created countless dining experiences, crafting beautiful food and genuine connections. 

Featuring fresh, quality ingredients, three times a day, our menu offers a variety of choices for every preference. From exploring cultural cuisines to celebrating themed holidays, we are proud to create a bit of magic with every meal. 

In the formal Dining Room, residents take their pick of fresh and delicious options like Eggs Benedict with O’Brien Potatoes & Bacon, Salmon Caesar Salad and Chicken Coq au Vin. Guests are welcome to join, too. Experience Chef Sylvie’s culinary creations for yourself! 

To learn more about the Heritage on the marina lifestyle, click the button below. 

A Q&A with Executive Chef Sylvie Holdman

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