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Along with the world-class architecture, and the surroundings of parks and open space, there’s an equally attractive feature of Heritage on the Marina – gourmet dining. The Dining Room offers all day dining options enjoyed by Residents and their guests.

Here choice is always an option. Erin Prosser, Director of Dining Services, Executive Chef Kevin Eichensehr, and their Team Members offer a selection of Resident favorites in addition to an ever-changing seasonal menu. It all starts with a “Food Committee” meeting, which includes Team Members and interested Residents. Ideas are tossed, fresh ingredients are discussed, and new preparations are debated. Typically, Residents are faced with two or three special additions to the menu each evening, as well as freshly made breakfast and lunch options.

On holidays the Team Members pull out all the stops. The Chinese New Year celebration includes authentic ingredients sourced from Chinatown, and is topped off with a traditional lion dance, which snakes through the Dining Room. For Cinco de Mayo the Mexican cuisine comes with a roving mariachi band. On the 4th of July there are ribs with potato salad. The culinary creativity goes far beyond holiday celebrations to include other themed meals such as an oyster party, the chef’s custom Pad Thai bar takes place on Thursdays, a monthly birthday celebration, there is a Greek night, Hot Dog Day and on French night Cherries Jubilee is served flaming table side. Of course, for those who are feeling less adventurous, there is always an epicurean burger on the menu.

According to Resident, Martha Nell Beatty, “There are so many wonderful choices, just deciding between soup or salad is difficult.” Ms. Beatty went on to explain that the menus have exposed Residents to a world of delicious and nutritious vegetables and grains, from wheat berries and bulgur to quinoa and wild rice.

Sophia Ferguson is the Community’s Registered Dietitian. She makes herself available to every Resident to discuss dietary goals and restrictions. The nutritional values of the ingredients of each meal are available in Heritage on the Marina’s library. While Residents in independent living are self-managing their diets, Ferguson coordinates directly with the doctors and Medical Team Members of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing to provide menu analysis for Residents of the Health Center.

Beatty also shared that while she loves dining at Heritage, the Marina is filled with exceptional dining options. Some of her favorites are A16, Greens, Jaranita and Wildseed. She concludes, “The Dining Room brings us together. It’s a great socialization opportunity. Being a small Community, it is very friendly, and you get to know just about everyone.”

To learn more and schedule a tour call Janet Howell at (415) 202-0300 or visit HeritageOnTheMarina.org

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