What Life Is Like At Heritage On The Marina

With the difficulties Covid-19 has brought, Heritage On The Marina has modified our operations in order to maintain the active and engaged community we are known for.

This includes all federal, state, and local guidelines and restrictions, as well as any additional actions recommended by our Infection Preventionist Nurse and Healthcare Team.

Distinguished. Luxurious. Active. Your dream home during retirement. All of these descriptive terms can define your time at Heritage on the Marina.

Nestled beside Fort Mason and Marina Green in San Francisco, California, Heritage is a retirement community with so much to offer its active residents.

Discover just a few of the amenities that our property offers you in the prime of those golden years.

See and Do It All

Our active retirement community is in the middle of the city of San Francisco, right in the Marina District. Venture outside for even five minutes, and you’ll find a number of shops, landmarks, eateries and much more.

Several museums, including the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, reside near our property.

There’s eclectic landmarks too. Lombard Street, cable-car turnarounds and the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology are nearby as well.

World Class Dining

Dining is an experience that’s unsurpassed at Heritage on the Marina. Stroll into our dining room, and the delectable options are endless. Our property offers all-day dining with exquisite attention paid to each meal.

Breakfast might include salmon and capers with dinner as the spectacle after you order chicken coq au vin. Our food is world-renowned, which means that your palate will be pleased with the quality and variety of our award-winning kitchen.

Remember that the surrounding neighborhood is also full of dining options. Enjoy Bobo’s with their steakhouse expertise.

Vegetarians rejoice at Greens along the waterfront. With so many restaurants nearby, you can eat fresh, unique varieties of cuisines regularly.

Dream Along the Water’s Edge

You’re practically on the water with a home at Heritage. Watch the bicyclists on the pathway outlining San Francisco Bay. Take a trip over to the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog that rolls in on most days is a sight to see.

As a member of our community, you also have access to the various piers along the water’s edge. Hyde Street Pier and Pier 39 are just a few minutes away.

Take a stroll down Aquatic Park Cove’s distinct length as you gaze out at Alcatraz Island. If you’re a lover of the ocean, the Bay may turn into your favorite area to explore.

Hidden Treasures Nearby

If you’re a shopping fan, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find hidden treasures. Tourist shops near Fisherman’s Wharf might give you a thrill. Look for more shopping up on the hill or even into Downtown San Francisco.

When you’re looking for a particular shopping trip, speak to our representatives.

We can set up reliable transportation across town if necessary. Much of the excitement in San Francisco, however, is right near or our property. Just stepping outside your door could be the only effort necessary.

Retirement is your time to enjoy life. Our property and surrounding neighborhood invite you to explore a world of excitement, beauty and friends.

Be part of a community that welcomes and supports you from day one. Contact Heritage on the Marina today.

Download our free brochure on the form to the right and let us know of any questions that you have at all.

After that, don’t forget to request a tour of our community so you can come and see the the grounds and meet some of our residents.

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